Online Scheduling

Online scheduling has become not just a fad nowadays but also a necessity. What with the onslaught of modern communications and the ever growing popularity of the worldwide web, the use of modern methods of communication as well as the need to keep track of commercial activities relative to the growth of one’s business gave rise to the use of ways and means that will enable more efficient interaction between peoples and businesses.

The internet has grown tremendously over the years and many businesses rely on it to further their interests. If two decades ago it was used merely to make the company’s presence felt, nowadays it is an indispensable vehicle to achieve in most cases even the company’s bottomline.

Gone are the days when the customer had to wait for the establishment to open according to its office hours. Now, businesses may be close after their office hours but their online activity is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The internet also allowed the possibility of generating new business from a wide variety of consumers not only locally but also globally.

This is because people from different nations mostly live in different time zones and since the internet is in reality a global marketplace, online scheduling plays an important role in putting order into an otherwise chaotic situation.

To be an effective online enterprise, businesses must be able to exhaust all possible avenues to further their goals and making use of online scheduling plays an important role in this endeavour. Because the worldwide web has no recognizable boundaries, no declared office hours, no time-outs and almost not constricted in any manner in terms commercial activity, it bears knowing how it’s use can be maximized to the hilt and in the end reap its many benefits.

Online scheduling has allowed many businesses whether big or small to utilize the web for their benefit and the trend will continue to grow as there will be more developments and changes that are expected to come. It pays to know how it works specifically on how it can be used effectively. There are many systems available that can be used and it is only up to the user on how it can be applied to their business in particular.

Many sites offer scheduling systems and different names may be used to call it. Online based systems are offered by many providers and are updated automatically on a periodic basis. There are also those that are software based and all you have to do is follow the system.

When it comes to scheduling activities in the internet, the best system that can be used will depend on the current needs as well as its capability to handle future demands. Convenience plays an important factor and it is how it should be to begin with.

There will expectedly be more changes in the future to answer the growing complexity of how people interact online and in all of the changes that might occur, there will always be a need for a tool that will aid in making the whole process manageable and online scheduling will be there to help in putting order to things.


Writing and Editing Services

Writing and editing services has transformed greatly over the years.  During the 80’s it was generally offered to the public by way of those small chair and table shops located along the busy streets of manila particularly the so-called University Belt and in other places where a college or school is located. 

It was back then offered as writing and editing services including typing jobs but in reality, it was just mostly typing and selling term papers, thesis and other finished and most of the time, copied paperwork.  Most of the decent businesses offering the service were confined to advertising and public relations agencies and the clients that can afford their services were only the big corporations at that time or wealthy politicians and other businesses such as publishing companies.

Right now, writing and editing services has morphed into a global business activity.  It has become a necessity for most businesses to avail of this service because of the ever-growing demand for more information and getting the message across by means of information will require in most instances, expert or at least quality communication. 

There are a lot of companies right now offering this type of business solution and more are expected to join the fray in the future due in most part to the non-stop advances and the ever-increasing need for more interaction between people and businesses.

But what does writing and editing services really do?How will it help my business?Is it indispensable?

These are just some of the questions that may be encountered when one is offering this kind of service to another person or entity.

Writing and editing services are focused on providing the needed flame in your business.  If you are a company with a good product and targeted market that is well within your range, you might say that there is no more need to engage this kind of service.  This thinking process is flawed.  Please bear in mind that no matter how good your products and services are, you still need to communicate how good you really are to your targeted customers and this can only be done by coming up  with a credible advertisement about your intentions by way of a good write-up or article writing. 

By coming up with carefully chosen words in your advertisement, the targeted audience can fully understand what it is you’re really offering and the benefits that go with every purchase of the product you intend to sell.  This is properly within the ambit of both writing and editing services.

Writing and editing services can come in many forms and apply in almost all instances where written words are the focus of attention.  It is applied in copywriting, script editing, book editing, doctoral thesis, and in almost any kind of writing that needs to communicate something. It has been an effective tool of many businesses for a long time and it will continue to be in the future. 

This brings us to the last question on whether it is indispensable, it can be answered in this manner; Try to picture in your mind a radio broadcaster who is known about cooking tips.  He is on-air, his script is ready, the PA is on stand-by for his signs, but when he opened his mouth he parroted words and ideas about politics and the economy that were not part of the script to begin with, thereby losing the focus intended by the script and losing his audience in the process.  Availing of a good writing and editing services is therefore indispensable to keep your company in focus and not lose direction.

*This article was submitted by the author to a principal who did not pay his services.  This is an announcement that no part of this article is allowed to be used by any person or entity without the permission of the author.



Google Panda effect

The recent cleansing of the  web by means of Google Panda has brought opportunities for a lot of people, myself included (hahaha).  Suddenly there is now a sort of a mad rush for a lot of sites to write or rewrite articles about their site.  Whereas before a good number of them just copy/pasted information from other pages, now they need to come up with something unique about their site–something original and that has given writers like myself an opportunity to earn by means of article writing.

Since the topic of article writing has come into focus,  I just hope that the rates will go up to decent levels.  Writing is not just for anybody.  Sure, anybody can write, but to continuously come up with creative juices and put those creativity in the form of writing is an altogether different matter.  Not just anybody is cut out for this craft.

I have been writing for a couple of weeks now about drugs for a certain client and to tell you frankly, because of the hundreds of drugs that I initially wrote articles about, I feel like I can already pose as a pharmacist (hahahhh).  this is the beauty of writing – in some degree you become the article itself.  Article writing has enabled me to learn a lot of things that i never imagined I could have the chance of learning. Geez, i have even wrote about the bus schedule in Las Vegas!

Writing has its benefits especially in terms of new information and added horizon.  I just hope that, aside from additional wrinkles and added eye bags, it can also later on be enough to put food on the table.



Gay Marriages

Much ado is being generated by same sex marriages as more and more countries( not just the United States and European countries) are becoming witnesses to bold and daring moves by gay societies to further their cause.  Viewed from a traditional perspective and generally accepted avowed moralities of MAN, it is indeed repulsive to the senses.  It is an attack to the very foundations of morality and even religion.  

Left unchecked, it may soon lead to a total overhaul of everything that we knew on how the order of things should be between our fellowmen and this could happen in simple situations like filling out an application or some other form in the future where you have to state whether you are male, female, or GAY…this is in the offing mind you, given man’s (or GAY’s) propensity to patronize his/her  own.

On the other hand, we live in the present where much of the dictum of the past have been challenged and some even abrogated altogether to pave the way for our further advances(?) including morality and religion.  These two are tough nuts to crack but hey, Hollywood has even came up with a widely accepted movie about Jesus Christ’s affair with Mary Magdalene which was allegedly and purposely suppressed by the Church .  

Like it or not, the movie created a dent on Christianity’s rock solid foundation and allowed many to be open to more ideas and teachings and there will be more of such challenges in the very near future.  Change is much a part of our History and it is now happening at a dizzying speed.  There are ways to tackle the issue of GAY marriages and some of which are being used already like legalizing the act itself.

Another option that I think has not been applied is to allow gay unions (union and not marriage).  For legal purposes, a marriage is a ‘contract’.  It is a piece of paper signed by both parties, their witnesses and the officiating officer.  It can later on, with either or both parties concerned, be annulled if one or all of the terms of the marriage have been violated and a new one entered into by either parties with another person.

The important thing is that the marriage contract, more than the ceremony accompanying its signing,  creates a legal relation between the contracting parties.  it is a contract between a man and a woman to start with, period.  To avoid some of the inconveniences brought about by gay marriages, some countries that are leaning towards allowing the said act but faces stiff resistance from certain conservative sectors can pass instead a law allowing gay union contracts patterned after a marriage contract but tailor fit to such peculiar condition.  If a marriage contract is for the opposite sexes, then the union contract can be for the same sexes.  

The Church is always the first to object to same sex marriages  because it runs counter to many principles like the idea of procreation.  The remedy then is not to use marriage contracts but instead come up with a new form of contract that can be called any name as long as it does not use the word marriage.  The document must be unique and specifically adhering to the very purpose and salient features of gay relationships.  The gay community must be consulted in the formulation of such document to become an effective tool in effecting the changes necessary.

More on gay marriages in later articles….