The Author is an article writer for a number of article submission sites like Ezine, Xomba, and Triond. It is believed that through blog posts such as those here in WordPress, the author can share some information about many things that can affect our daily lives. The articles may focus on particular issues and may come in batches or it may be about a particular interest such as business, health, politics, travel, new technologies, the economy and everything that may convince the author as necessary to be shared to the general reading public.

Be it known however that the opinions and ideas expressed herein are those of the author and based on his own appreciation of the issues and information as presented and not meant in any way to offend or sleight anybody. Freedom of the Press is many things and it is one of those that cannot be easily canalized within certain boundaries according to the nuances of each reader. If it is any consolation, the author guarantees to observe the gray areas between obscenity and morality so as not to offend others and maintain proper writing decorum as well as decency.

Jaime Tolentino
Content Writer, Blogger.




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