PNPA, PMA, PMMA application forms

It’s that time of the year again when a lot of applicants want to download application forms from the premiere institutions in the Philippines. Most often, applicants cram and try to download application forms at the same time in the last minute resulting in the website of PNPA, PMA, and PMMA experiencing a crash or gridlock with nobody being able to download application forms in due time.

To avoid too much crowding in one site, I have here made available the specific sites where you can download application forms from the big 3. you may have already an idea where to apply but it is advisable to apply to these big 3 and should you pass all of them, then just decide where you prefer to join.

They are considered as the best in terms of military training and graduates of this institution become future generals of the AFP. Graduates of this institution get assigned to Navy, Army, and Air Force. This is part of their “Tri-Service” training and graduates are made ready to be assigned to any of the 3 branches of the AFP.

The PNPA has seen a meteoric rise in terms of number of applicants in the past few years. The training is much like the PMA but their graduates will not perform military duties as their primary goal is to secure internal peace and order. Graduates of this prestigious institution are assigned to PNP, BJMP, BFP

This is the premiere Maritime Academy of the Philippines. The training is also military oriented with their graduates becoming officers in the commercial maritime industry or Coast guard among others.

Application forms site :

highlight, copy, and then paste on your search.

NOTE : For PNPA in particluar, if the above site could not load please visit this site and download the application form.