PNPA Exams

Scheduled late this year is the PNPA exams for applicants wishing to join the country’s elite  police officers.  Many of the aspiring youth are waiting for this opportunity to be given the chance to become among  the future leaders of the country and rightly so because aside from the prestige that comes along with the position after graduation, it also serves as a beacon of hope for academically gifted but financially burdened students.  An applicant once accepted will be entitled to full board and lodging plus monthly salary and allowances that ranges from about P15,000 to P18,000 gross!  This is the reason why thousands of graduating high school students wish to join the bandwagon of applicants for both the PMA and PNPA.

Never mind if as a plebe they will encounter physical and mental torture, never mind if as a cadet they will be subjected to humiliating and demeaning experiences, never mind if as a trainee they will be made to memorize and recite mantras that will become part of their daily existence.  All of these and many more just to become a part of a prestigious organization of men in uniform.

But there is an immediate concern that clouds the genuiness of the PNPAs intention when it comes to this year’s recruitment of trainees and that is the lack of available application forms for the would be candidates. The police stations that normally maintain a copy of the said form  could not produce any right now.  Their website, which was the usual source of the application form is down and is of no use.  Many candidates are already frantic and trying to find ways to obtain a copy of the said form.  Their frustration is evident whenever one visit and read the many posts and comments on facebook pages that pose as a PNPA page.

What could be the reason for the unavailability of application forms is perplexing to say the least.  Could it be that they have already reached the quota needed for the number of applicants? or worse, could it be that they already have a pre-screened applicants for batch 2016 such that this years examinations is only for the sake of formality?  This and many more questions will keep lurking in the minds of candidates who are still trying to get a hold of that precious application form.